Reluma Skin精華液採用乾細胞核心技術的基質蛋白質配製而成,網站諮詢購買,本公司的全球配送服務是向客戶提供一個完整的無縫整合物流解決方案。

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Jason Smith

Advising is a process of exchange information that empowers students to realize their maximum potential, be in academic or personal issues. The advising process is students- centred and will result in the students gaining a clearer understanding of himself/herself and the experience of higher education.


Martina Smith

Counselling takes place when a counsellor sees a client in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty the client is having, distress they may be experiencing or perhaps their dissatisfaction with life, or loss of a sense of direction and purpose. It is always at the request of the client as no one can properly be ‘sent’ for counselling.

Counselling IS NOT:
 Giving advice.
 Being judgmental.
 Attempting to sort out the problems of the clients.
 Expecting or encouraging a client to behave as the counsellor would behave if confronted with a similar problem in their own life.
 Getting emotionally involved with the client.
 Looking at a client’s problems from your own perspective, based on your own value


Jason Smith

Professional counselling is a safe and confidential collaboration between qualified counsellors and clients to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self-understanding, and resolve identified concerns. Clients are active participants in the counselling process at every stage.


Martina Smith

The action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.

Test/ Inventories

Jason Smith

The term “test” most frequently refers to devices for measuring abilities or qualities for which there are authoritative right and wrong answers. Such a test may be contrasted with a personality inventory, for which it is often claimed that there are no right or wrong answers.