History of Wellness Centre

The history of Wellness Centre started from counselling clinic at Sultan Abdul Jalil Campus. The aim of the establishment of Counselling Clinic in 2003 was to provide support services for students related to guidance and counselling services. The development of Counselling Clinic was made into realization based on the visit conducted by Madam Hajjah Nazariah Abdul Samad on 18 th October 2002 – 1 November 2002 at Counselling Centre, Michigan State University USA. The counselling clinic adapted the model of Western Michigan Counseling Centre that included its structures, furniture and electronic appliances. The development of Counseling Clinic involved the renovation of one old bungalow unit that situated at the juncture of Health Clinic and the Faculty of Music. Since then, it was well recognized as one of the support systems for students’ welfare and training centre for counselling lecturers and postgraduate students. In 2012, it was moved to Sultan Azlan Shah, UPSI new campus and changed its name to Wellness Centre.